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Owner and sole inspector Darryl Piatt: Now one of 8 master inspectors in Oregon

  Sample Report Link 

A full home inspection can let you know.

  • Is the attic insulated?
  • Is the floor insulated?
  • Dos the attic have adequate ventilation, moisture issues?
  • Dos the crawl space have adequate ventilation. ,moisture issues?
  • What kind of plumbing is in the home? Does it have issues?
  • What kind and condition is the electrical system?
  • What kind of roofing and are there any issues with the roofing?
  • What kind of siding and are there any issues with the siding? 
  • Eliminates many of the unknowns about upgrades.
  • Let’s you make an educated objective decision. 
  • Provides observations of systems by a trained, unbiased third party. 
  • Gives Safety and possible health related information.
  • May help you save money by making you aware of costly repairs or safety up-grades before closing. Repair and upgrade cost are rising each year.

 $10,000 Honor Guarantee, Backed by InterNACHI

Below are questions that anyone shopping for a home inspector to hire should ask. 

  1. Does the report have images of the major issues are all the images taken at the inspection available for you to see? Yes ours do
  2. How long will the physical inspection take you for my home give size and layout of home, includes outbuildings? Approx 3 hours for most.
  3. When will the report be available? If it is as soon as the physical inspection is complete then it is a check box generic statement report that does not give personal individual attention to the home.  MOST TIMES BY NOON THE NEXT DAY
  4. How many pages are the reports? Reports should be at least 20 plus pages unless images are separate.  OUR REPORTS ARE 26 PLUS PAGES
  5. How long will you take with us at the walk through after the inspection to explain thing? AS LONG AS IT TAKES
  6. What is your construction experience, how long have you been doing inspections? 30 PLUS YEARS
  7. Are you insured for errors and omissions insurance? YES 
  8. Could I have you send me a sample report? Sample Report Link 

Is there a Summery of the most important issues added at end of report. The report shows how I address each home, like no closet in bedroom. Note how the issues are color highlighted for your convienence.

 Unbiased: Oregon Home Inspectors cannot do repairs  and we do not get referrals for any issues that may be found. We do not work for the Realtor  even if they referred me to you. We work only for you and do everything we can to make a complete and comprehensive report.  For details of what is covered in the report please Read Oregon State Home Inspectors Standards and Practices.

Weare licensed bonded and insured. We always return calls, and keep our word. our integrity honesty and reliability are very important to us. 

 Your Satisfaction is 100% warrantied. If after the physical portion of the inspection, you are not satisfied,  just let us know before the written report is done  and we will return or refund your fee.
Please call us  to get a fair price and schedule your inspection. 
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