Providing full personalized home inspections, pest and dry-rot certifications, HUD and other engineering certifications for Oregon.  Specializing in coastal homes, drainage, and foundations.

You have chosen a home. This important investment makes getting a thorough home inspection an easy decision.  Our reports are more in depth and thorough than the standard check list style.  Including issue images, recommendations, color coding, and a summary page for easy review.  No two homes are the same. So no two reports will look the same.  Inspections of coastal homes require specific knowledge of the area, and it’s environmental effects.  No matter what inspector you choose, be educated as to what to expect and what is required.
Our services include…
  • Detailed hand typed personalized home inspection reports (hotels, motels, and industrial) following Oregon standards of practice. Sample Inspection
  • Online image gallery roughly 300-1000 images depending on size of home, or property(provided with report)
  • Pest and dry-rot certification, HUD, and manufactured home/non-manufactured home engineering certification for lender (general pest and dry-rot information is included in the finalized report)
  • On-Site and Phone consultations
  • Follow-up support via phone, and email
Our full home inspection reports will let you know…
  • Grounds and Drainage (Do you have water draining into the home, or crawlspace?)
  • Steps, balconies, railings (Are they installed professionally? Are they to code?  Are they safe?)
  • Exterior siding, and windows (What kind of siding is present on the home.  Is there possible moisture or pest intrusion?  What type of windows does the home have?  Are they properly sealed?)
  • Roofing and attic (Identification of roof covering.  Roof condition.  Is your attic insulated?  Does the Attic have adequate ventilation, or moisture issues?)
  • Interior (Full inspection of appliances.  Conditions of overall home structure.)
  • Crawlspace condition (Does the crawl space have adequate ventilation.  moisture issues?  Insulation?)
  • Plumbing conditions (Why type of plumbing material is present.  Does it have adequate drainage and functional flow?)
  • Electrical conditions (What kind and condition is the electrical system?  Are outlets grounded and polarity correct?  Do GFCI outlets function as intended?)
  • Gives Safety and possible health related information.
  • Recommendations for possible repairs, safety concerns, maintenance, and monitoring.


Unbiased: Oregon Home Inspectors cannot do repairs. Home inspectors are not Code enforcers, Reports do not Pass or Fail a home. The report is to give information on the home and all the systems conditions. Over the years new construction building requirements have been changed, most of these changes are not required by state or municipal laws to be upgraded. Inspectors report on known safety issues, and system information for possible desired maintenance and upgrades as well as calling out defective systems in need of repair.

We do not work for the Realtor even if they referred us to you. We work only for you and do everything we can to make a complete and comprehensive report.  For details on what is covered in the report please Read Oregon State Home Inspectors Standards and Practices.

Scheduling Information

Scheduled Inspections

*Note – Inspector doesn’t complete physical home inspections on the weekends. With no more than two inspections per week day, within 35 miles from one another.

Quote/Price Breakdown

Here is some general information our Inspection quotes are based upon.

*Estimated pricing of inspection is subject to change based on inaccurate square footage, differing heat sources, and/or detached buildings inspected.*


What type of home is to be inspected?

Our standard rates for types of homes include.

  • Manufactured homes – $375
  • Stick Built homes – Starting at $400 (under 2,000 sq ft) with an additional fee of $25 per 250 sq ft above 2,000.
  • Additional Detached buildings – Starting at $125 (Negotiable based on presence of additional power/plumbing)
Location of home.

An additional gas fee of $25 is added to inspections further than 75 miles from Coos Bay/North Bend, 97420

Will a Pest and Dry rot certification be required by home lender?

While pest and dry-rot general information is included in each report.  However, if your bank or lender requires a clean certificate, these are available at an additional $50 fee with the report *Please note reinspect fees may apply*.  Standard rate for a stand alone Pest and dry rot certification and inspection – $125

Contact Information

Please contact office during business hours as our Inspector cannot always receive calls while in the field.
 Josh Piatt  OCHI 1742    Cell number 541-217-5427
Alisha Piatt Office Administrator 541-217-5062
Office Number 541-808-9092
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Est. Feb 22nd, 2011.

Established by Darryl Piatt Febuary 22nd, 2011. The business has since been passed over to his son Joshua Piatt, one of 5 master level inspectors in Oregon. Josh along with his wife Alisha Piatt have ran the business since Jan, 2015. Providing a professional, reliable, and family friendly service to clients.